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Trying to find my Calling!
Supporting Real People In Their Search for a Real Relationship With God
Transforming All People Into Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ
"What I think about anything and everything".
A blog about my journey home
Information Regarding Alternative Postmodern Ministry
FoUp to date church news and pastoral information.
Who saught the Good and who spoke for welfare of the whole nation?
Joshua's chess database
My Life...My Story: Writings by Yvonne Posthuma
Pastoral articles, podcasts, and information
Doing Postmodern Ministry Online
Communications and Meditations from Fellowship Church
Discussions on making the right choices at the right time
Podcasts and teachings at CRCC.
Teachings and Musings from Pastor Carter of Pacific Coast Ministries
Wellspring Church DIscussion Blog
To reach belivers, and non believers through Social media
Where we will share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
An exploration of authentic spiritual life through faith in Jesus Christ.
A Newsletter Blog Regarding the Restoration Center
When your Heavenly Father calls your name
Sunday Sermons and Other Teachings from WFMC
A Blog and Podcasts for Global Discipleship
The Communication and Podcasting Blog of Westwood Hills Christian Church
David Posthuma has over 30 years professional music experience.
Are any among you sick? Pray for one another....
Equipping Articles for Pastors and Ministry Leaders
Pastor at Won By One Church
My Wield Thoughts
Concerts I Have Been To
Chronicles of a Youth Pastor
My attempt at a life of surrender
Articles Related to Men's Recovery Discipleship
Walking With God
Beechwood Church Teaching, Meditations, and Information
what it takes to start giving back
Wife Swap: Pastor's Wife vs. Atheist's Wife
interesting books we have been reading
Random thoughts
Articles and Strategies Designed to Resource Pastors as they Impliment the Internet-Influenced Church Philosophy
The life that I was given
Comments on books and articles I read and people I hear
David A. Posthuma's blog articles based upon the content in his new book: "The internet Influenced Church"
The online meeting place for "Bridg'in the Gap"
Jesus love us, so we do his ministry.
How to win battle for your mind
A blog that supports singles ministry and church training and growth.
Life thoughts
Podcasts and Musings by Pastor Mel Wild
A Newsletter Blog for Wellspring Church
an irregularly-updated journal of irregular journeys
Articles and Resources for Progressive Church Planting
Temptation is everywhere, yet some are unique to you. What is your major area of temptation? What area is keeping you from living a victorious life IN-Christ?
Sermons, special events, speakers
A blog of More Than One Angel
are you allowing God to use you?
podcasts of sermons, teaching and special events
A Ministry Blog of Joe Battaglia and Billie Hughes Locke
Doug Doan's web Blog at EBC on the echurchnetwork
The journey begins
Spiritual Journey
Are we ready for online HOME Groups
My Blog
Pastoral Musings and Ministry News
Tamara supports Kingdom ministry by investing into her children, supporting her husbands international ministry, and by teaching and leading women and children.
Description of your Blog Goes Here
Espiritual y devocional Estadísticas de Hugo Pastor
Telling the story of our faith
What do people think about the students and what we stand for?
Engedi Fellowship Church Plant
Our iTunes Media Files