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Randy Santiago @ Apr 10, 2008 06:54 PM
From time to time in reading Scripture I will come across a passage and think, “OK…is that REALLY in the Bible?” SO…in my journey I came across Isaiah 20 this morning…and this has to be one of the most unusual passages in Scripture. I had several random thoughts…

#1 - Did God REALLY Say That? (Isaiah 20:1-2) Picture yourself as Isaiah…you have a pretty successful prophetic ministry going on, things are going well, and then all of a sudden God comes along and says, “Hey man, I’ve got a REALLY creative way to communicate what I am about to do next.” Now I imagine Isaiah getting pretty excited about this until God says, “My creative way of communication includes you taking off all your clothes and walking around for three years.” Personally–this is where my excitement would have ceased. Just being honest! Let me put that thought on pause though and ask this question: What if some of the church members that are here today would have existed back then? Can’t you just hear them now? “I can’t believe someone who claims to know God would do something like that!” “That is one of the most irreverent things I have ever seen.” “There is no way he is a Christian.” “There goes another one of those people who are trying to water down the word of God.” You get the picture don’t you? BUT…(or I could say butt)…from the looks of things here–God is into communicating His word in a creative manner–and sometimes that communication goes against what the traditionalists would consider to be acceptable. It’s funny–there HAD to be people taking shots at Isaiah, calling him all sorts of names–when in actuality he was one of the ONLY people in that time who actually heard the voice of the Lord.

#2 - Did Isaiah Really Do That? (Isaiah 20:3) YES HE DID! Just being honest again…I am not sure I would have obeyed God on this one. Seriously, I would have had to have had some ID from Him if He would have asked this of me. I am willing to do some crazy things…but walking around in my birthday suit…I am thinking I might have to draw the line there! BUT (butt) - Isaiah did, he was obedient, radically obedient…even to the point where he was willing to endure criticism and ridicule…all because he was willing to listen to the Lord and then do exactly as He said. I say this because as a church we should be willing to  go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to reach those far from God. If you keep reading this text (Isaiah 20:4-6) God had a message to communicate through this event. Yes, it was very creative. Yes, it made people VERY uncomfortable! And yes, God used it to speak truth…and I am sure NO ONE ever forgot this–EVER! In the past we have pushed the edge here at First Assembly of God to communicate God’s Word in creative ways…and at times we take shots from that…usually from those who, to be quite honest, aren’t reaching anyone. What do we do? IGNORE IT! Seriously…as a pastor I understand that I have TWO MAIN PURPOSES in life…to LISTEN to the Lord and then do EXACTLY as He says. I can promise that nothing will EVER take place here at First Assembly unless the Lord directs it–that’s just how we roll!!! Because as long as I listen to and obey the Lord–THEN I can rejoice in that!

One more thing…I can pretty much promise that God has NOT told me to get nude!!! (I heard that Amen!!!) BUT…we’ve got some creative things heading our way that will raise an eyebrow or two!!! So get ready!

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