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August 22, 2008
To Glorify God
Pastor Gary Petersen @ Aug 22, 2008 02:02 PM


Those three words best sum up the totality of why we exist.  We exist to declare the supremacy of God.  He alone is worthy of every breath that we breathe.  He is worthy of all that we have.  "Whether we eat or drink or whatever we do." 

Existentialism states that "Existence precedes essence."  We know better.  God did not create us so that we could find purpose on our own or in our own search for success as the world defines it.  Outside of Christ there is no life or joy.  He created us to bring glory to His name.  The vacuum inside of us was created to be filled with HIM.  It is only then that we find satisfaction in this life and in the one to come.


I am finishing my day here at Wellspring by writing this long overdue note to my E-mail list while listening to Christmas music in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season.  This year Christmas will be even more exciting (if that is possible) since we will be moving into our new facility.  That seems somewhat tough to believe at this point since the walls of the new facility are just starting to rise from the dust of this sacred ground.  Our builder however guarantees us that we will move in before Christmas.  WE are soooooo excited that God has filled this present facility and we had no choice but to build.  HALLELUJAH! 

All of the building going on around us reminds us that everything on this earth will someday return to dust.  There is nothing that is made that is not made by His hands. From dust we have come and to dust we will return.  Life is a vapor.  This is why it is so vitally important to love and to keep short accounts.  For all of those on this E-mail list that I may have somehow offendded...please forgive me if I have  hurt you.  I really do love you and all of God's creation.  Life is way too short to keep account of those who have somehow hurt us.  Forgiveness is God's way.  HE is our marvelous healer.

The Lord keeps blessing this place.  I just returned from days of sabbatical with 25 men.  We were inspired by God not to "waste our lives."  We found great joy and blessing in the study of God's Word, prayer, and worship for hours on end. 

The Lord continues to add to His body numerous people.  The body called Wellspring is growing every week.  This summer brought a whole new harvest of friends and family to the Wellspring family.  We are experiencing an outpouring of God's riches in this place.  THIS PLACE IS PACKED.  The fall is sure to find us looking for a place to put everyone.  Remember...We are moving to Jenison High School sometime this fall.  Our last Sunday in the present auditorium will be September 28.  We will play it by ear from that point on.  If the weekends are warm and not rainy we will have our services right outside on our campus.  Otherwise we will meet in the Jenison High School Auditorium.  STAY TUNED!

WE are so blessed to have over 20 musicians in our band that are ready to shake this earth for GOd's glory.

Don't forget the concert at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds at 7:30 this Sunday night with AVALON.  We are honored to be presenting an hour of Worship prior to Avalon's concert.  Our WORSHIP BAND will lead in worship for one hour prior to Avalon's 8:30 Concert.  Our dancers and drama people will stir people's hearts.  Be sure to join us at the Fairgrounds for our 7:30 worship hour. We have already sold around 700 tickets through our Wellspring family.  They have sold over 3000 tickets already and are expecting over 4000.  The place will rock for God.

Please pray about your part in meeting the equipment needs of our new facility.  The needs include TV cameras and sound equipment as well as furnishings, 600 new chairs and much more.  The complete list is available each week.

If you are not a regular visitor to our website you can check us out at  Check out all of the regularly updates pictures of current events.

I can't even wait for Sunday although there are numerous weekend functions prior to Sunday that you can participate in.  Join us for a powerful morning this Sunday at 10:00.  I will be preaching my PART 2 of "
Bringing up children who actually love you and love God."

I love you all so much and rejoice with our church family and friends that are serving the Lord in countries around the world.  WE ARE FAMILY


With much joy and peace.
Pastor Gary